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Listen... They're playing your song.
​Let's face it: There's an event coming up soon, and there's going to be dancing involved. And while some people will march out onto the dance floor brandishing their own set of "funky moves", you just don't feel comfortable dancing. And why would you? You don't have the slightest idea how to dance, and you're terrified of looking as ridiculous as the aforementioned "funky moves" dancer. Can't say I blame you in the least. But there's hope...
Interested in learning more?
That's where we come in. For years, Long Island Ballroom has been arming countless men, women and children with the skillset necessary to cut a rug with the very best of them. It's as simple as making an appointment for your first lesson. It really is that easy. What's more, what nearly all of our clients find most surprising is this simple, yet profound fact: 

You don't need to be a reincarnation of Gene Kelly or Ginger Rogers to become a great dancer. 

Our personalized dance programs are built specifically with you in mind, and that means taking into consideration several different variables, including your history with dance, the types of music you'd like to be able to dance to, as well as both your short and long term goals. Attending an event where there's sure to be dancing? Tired of sitting on your tush night after night, staring at the TV? Tying the knot? Looking to show off your skills on a competition floor? Whatever your dancing needs are, Long Island Ballroom has the solution, offering comprehensive education in all manners of partnered and single dancing.
"We do not dance to succeed or fail. We dance so that we may one day put into words that which is beyond expression."