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The Dancefloor: Hardwood Heaven or Pergo Prison?
Let's face it: Chances are there's at least one invitation of some sort on your refrigerator door, requesting your presence at a venue that revolves around a dance floor. And while some of us will brazenly march out there to dance The Swim, The Monkey or our own "funky moves", the majority of us just don't feel comfortable dancing. And why should you when you have no idea what you're doing? 
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Examples of Bad Dancing:
Figure 1. Note awkward body gesturing (a), implementation of cliché (b) and false sense of confidence (c). 
CAUTION: Bad dancing can often lead to an injured ego, social exclusion and intense periods of loneliness.

That's where we come in. For years, Long Island Ballroom & The Rhythm Den have been arming countless men, women and children with the skillset they need to cut a rug with the best of them. It's as simple as making an appointment for your first lesson. It really is that easy. What's more, what nearly all of our clients find most surprising is this simple, yet profound fact: 

You don't need to be a reincarnation of Gene Kelly or Ginger Rogers to become a great dancer. 

Our personalized dance programs are built specifically with you in mind, and that means taking into consideration several different variables, including your history with dance, the types of music you'd like to be able to dance to, and your short term and long term goals. So whether you're looking to bust a move at your daughter's wedding at the end of next month or you'd like to pursue your dreams of becoming a competitive ballroom dancer, we've got you covered.
A word from the founder

Dear Prospective Dancers,

It is with great pleasure and sincere excitement that I welcome you to the world of Long Island Ballroom Dance Centers and The Rhythm Den. During the decades I've spent in the ballroom dance industry and beyond, I've found myself in all sorts of studios and learning environments, from tiny holes-in-the-wall with makeshift dance floors to the grandest, most spacious dancehalls in the world. What I've discovered in my journeys is quite simple, really: Whether we're dancing Cha Cha in Chicago, Tango in Tokyo, or Mambo in The Congo, the element in which we learn must be one that makes us comfortable. Comfort always begins with the physical environment, and I can say with 100% certainty that we've got that part covered at Long Island Ballroom. But comfort also refers to the ambiance of that physical environment, and nothing diminishes the comfort of any locale quicker than unneeded ego, and that's something that's never been part of the curriculum in this organization. 
Your journey into the realm of ballroom dancing is one filled with passion, excitement, challenges and successes. The hardest steps you'll take will be the very first ones through the studio doors. Once you've tackled that hurdle, I'm sure you'll be bit by the ballroom bug, and fall in love with this timeless art just as I did so many years ago. See you on the dance floor!

Yours in Dance,
Jonas Petchonka
President, Executive Dance Director