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Attending an event where there's sure to be dancing? Tired of sitting on your tush night after night, staring at the TV? Tying the knot? Looking to show off your skills on a competition floor? Whatever your dancing needs are, The Rhythm Den has the solution, offering comprehensive education in all manners of partnered and single dancing. 

Social Dancing

No, the seventies aren't back (unless you want them to be). However, we are witnessing a resurgence of partnered dancing, and that's plenty reason to dust off those boogie shoes. Now more than ever, dancing is everywhere. From business functions to social outings, in restaurants and nightclubs, at weddings and sweet sixteens... If you're going out to a social venue, chances are there's going to be dancing. And while some people seem to be carefree when moving to the music, many of us find that sense of comfort fleeting. Our proven method of teaching has been carefully developed to provide you with everything you need to be a successful social dancer. Your personalized ballroom curriculum will begin with some basic steps and patterns you'll be able to use right away with a variety of music genres and tempos. As you progress along your path to dancing excellence, you'll be taught various styling elements and techniques that will add tons of personality and flair to your movements, allowing you to look and feel more than confident on the dance floor. Ready to give Travolta a run for his money? Here's your chance.

Wedding Dances/Special Events

Looking to add some excitement to your wedding by adorning your special song with the perfect steps? Or perhaps it's the dance with mom or dad that needs some work? Maybe your little girl's sweet sixteen needs that extra "something" to get the party started? No matter what special event you're planning, we have the perfect steps to compliment the big day. Still not sure what song best expresses your feelings? Allow us to help. An event specialist is ready to assist you by gathering all the relevant facts and figures- even the ones you might not think of. From dress style and shoe selection to venue and musical taste, we leave no stone unturned to keep you in step on your big day.

- Wedding Dance
- Mother/Son Dance 
- Father/Daughter Dance
- Bridal Party Dance Lesson
- Sweet Sixteen Solo Dance
- Sweet Sixteen Group Dance
- Traditional Court Dance
- Cantina
- Anniversary Dance
- And More!

Competitive Ballroom/Dancesport

Whether you've never danced a step and dream of the glamour of competitive ballroom or you've already cut your teeth on the competition floor, our highly capable professional ballroom dancers are ready to take your Pro/Am or Am/Am dancing to the next level. Through the use of both open choreography and the USISTD syllabi, strict attention is given to the many technical aspects of competitive ballroom, otherwise known as DanceSport, as well as floorcraft, theatrics and presentation. More information on DanceSport is available upon request.

What if I can't make up my mind?

Congratulations! We gladly train our students in whatever disciplines they wish to learn. After your complimentary first lesson, you'll sit with your admissions counselor and go over the specifics of what each discipline entails, as well as answer any questions you might have about your dance education. 

What do we teach?

American Style

Fox Trot
Viennese Waltz
Argentine Tango
Country Waltz

Cha Cha
West Coast Swing
Two Step
Three Step
Country Cha Cha
Club Swing

International Style:

Slow Waltz
Slow Fox
Viennese Waltz

Cha Cha
Paso Doble

Please email us for more information about Theatre Arts, Formations, Show Dances, Ballet, Jazz, Modern & other disciplines.